What is UUU?

UUU serves as the U Network public blockchain's native token, which is the Ethereum ERC-20 standard-based token before the mainnet swap.

It means that the products can also support UUU as long as supporting ERC-20 token. Like cryptocurrency, UUU can be sent to anyone anywhere worldwide instantly. The total supply of UUU is 10,000,000,000, whose distribution plan can be found Here .

Where you can get it?

The easiest way to get UUU is to buy from cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Huobi GlobalBiboxHitbtcHuobi Korea .

How to use it?

UUU can be used in following 4 products, and you can even use them to get more UUU.

If you are from an organization that supports ERC20 tokens, like wallet, exchange or product, you can support UUU at any time and feel free to send the listing news to the communities.