Learn More about U Network

U Network can be classified as six main layers to understand this new network more comprehensively, and then check which layers you like to develop:

1.Decentralized Layer

Intro: All stakeholders may participate in U Network upgrades by voting and approving the proposals.

Status: U Network has developed a special BFT consensus algorithm that implements 3,000 transactions-per-second, and its mainnet is called Uchange with on-chain governance . You can deposit UUU in the mainnet for the free transaction and contract deployment.

2.Storage Layer

Intro: It helps store your data permanently. Store and process the data without relying on a single centralized host. Publish it on the U Network without worrying about if they will be tampered.

Status: IPFS has integrated with U Network public blockchain, which requires UUU to pay for use. The test version of IPFS integration will be launched first and will be free for limited users.

3.Notarization Layer

Intro: Use one account to access the U Network mainnet and all products, and use different valuation protocols to form own value in various products, so as to conduct trust-based financial activities, such as issuing their own asset tokens for crowdfunding. The on-chain identification will be used to address the problem of content confirmation.

Status: The primary web wallet and one-click issue token function have launched, which will be followed by the development of the on-chain identification.

4.Distribution Layer

Intro: An advertising and content recommendation system designed based on data shared by users and the valuation layers.

Status: UGot has been developed, which can also be used to allocate the total advertising funds through the quality of user-generated content in different social media. It may be followed by a smart contract ad auction system.

5.Publishing Layer

Intro: The foundation of content asset creation. Different publishing platforms can be built on U Network and different layers API can be used to make itself unique.

Status: We can publish content on Upbet . It will be exciting when they integrate with Unlimited after the mainnet swap.

6.Valuation Layer

Intro: It is a diversified economic model other than the mainnet economic model, through which, valuable trust data can be generated for financial innovation in the network. The first whitepaper of U Network details one of the valuation layers - “Upvote”, you can read to know more about it.

Status: The valuation layer product called ULike has been integrated with eco-product Upbet.

Get Started

After understanding the details and development process of U Network, you can pick a layer and start your development on the Uchange .

You can also develop some products according to your development skills and hobbies, such as Telegram Bot; Some features, such as On-chain paywall; Cross-chain technologies, such as BNBbridge; or even this website.

Welcome to join the Discord. More talented developers are needed to build U Network's future together.