What is U Network?

Launched in Jan 2018, U Network was built to become the leading user-generated content(UGC) driven blockchain.

Its essence is to solve the unfair reward distribution for the content contributors, the problem of content ownership of the centralized platform, and the difficulty of figuring out high-quality content.

Like Bitcoin is not just as simple as a peer-to-peer money and built based on derived innovation on blockchain technology, financial systems and even organizational form, U Network is not just a blockchain to solve the problems in the content field, but a long-term experiment to create a foundation for the internet in the new era.

After understanding the big picture, you can learn more about details and development process Here .

U Network has both public and private chains. The public blockchain has a native cryptocurrency called UUU . UUU is a utility token. The private blockchain focuses on providing the enterprise with solutions.

Where can I join the community?

Distributed all over the world, U Network's community members have hosted many offline events over past years. However, social media still serves as the easiest way to participate in.

The following are recommended: